Does this application post to Facebook?

SPAYTE will never post anything to your Facebook on your behalf; we understand that your privacy is important.

Why check-in?

SPAYTE does more than just find people who are around you. Once your preferences are set, you will be presented with people who are at the same place as you are, at the same time. This is what makes your encounter real and spontaneous.

What are the profiles that I see on the home page (profile list)?

The profiles you see on the home page are people selected according to the preferences you have set (Male/Female, Age) that are at the same place as you, right now.

How do I interact with these profiles?

You can either swipe right or left to your preference in order to see the next available profile. When you stumble upon a profile that you like, you can wink at the person who piqued your interest (their profile will now show up in the "You Winked" tab). This will send an anonymous notification to that person telling them that they have been winked at.

If you are both still in the same place and that person has winked at you too, it's a SPAYTE!

Even if you do not wink at a profile, they won't disappear from your list; just in case you change your mind. Only fools never change their minds!

What to do when I receive a notification?

When someone winks at you, you will be notified via push that 'someone' has winked at you. That 'someone' is one of the profiles that you will see in the profile list (remember to refresh it every now and then to see the new profiles available to you).

If you wink back at that person, it's a SPAYTE!

How do I chat with someone I'm interested in?

You can only send and receive messages to people with whom you've had a SPAYTE. We have the utmost respect for our users privacy and want them to enjoy interacting with the people of THEIR CHOICE.

What happens when the person I winked at is not at the same location anymore?

Two people can ONLY match if they are in the same location. If you get too far from the location to which you checked in, your profile will not be available to other users checked into that location.

Can I remove a match?

You can UNMATCH any of your matches at any given time. That unmatched profile will then go back to the home page profiles that you can swipe, if you are in the same location. You can also block (or unblock) someone at any moment, that person will then cease to appear in any list.

What happens when I block someone?

When you block someone, that person cannot chat with you anymore (you won't receive their messages either) and they won't appear in the profile list in case you're in the same location.

Can I change my profile picture?

You can change/modify your three (3) profile photos at any time. You can set any of those pictures to be the one that appears other users home page. They will only see your other two (2) photos if they click on your profile.

Why can I only put up three (3) photos?

SPAYTE wants to make it easier for you to create an encounter with someone at the same place as you by helping you break the ice virtually first, and then in the real world too. Those three (3) photos are supposed to give other users a general idea of what you physically look like. Then it's up to you to find out more about them and them about you.

Don't wait 4-5 days to plan a date... he/she is already at the Same Place, seize the moment!